PureKana CBD Oil Review

Last updated on October 25th, 2019


CBD Reviewer Score

PureKana CBD Oil – Subject E Panel Review

Subject E Reviewer Profile
Gender Male
Age 31
Weight 265 lbs
Height 5’10”
Pre-existing conditions Mild Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Chronic Illness IBS (flare-ups 1 to 3 times per week); mild anxiety and depression (currently untreated)

PureKana CBD Oil Purchase Experience

The PureKana website has a streamlined user interface that allows buyers to make their purchases within a handful of clicks. Its 300 mg bottles, which come in natural, vanilla, and mint flavors, serve as an introduction point for users interested in CBD but unsure where to begin.

At $54 for 300 mg of CBD, this is slightly higher than some other CBD oil product price points but is within the expected range. Shipping was free,  so the final cost was comparable to other products. Certificates of analysis were available for review on all product pages.

I was able to find a discount code for 20 percent off on Google and used it without incident. Within 24 hours I received confirmation that my order had been processed and a UPS tracking number. The product arrived ahead of schedule by one day.

PureKana CBD Oil Experience Highlights

After consuming food that would normally irritate subject E’s irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms, this subject reported reduced flare-up activity.

Subject E confirmed this product had a positive impact on mood, but it’s unclear how well it worked for anxiety.

Subject E reports taking this product before bedtime improved sleep significantly.

Subject E reported strong reason to believe that taking this CBD oil product caused consistent, clear dreams. This subject reports not dreaming as frequently prior to taking this oil.

Day One

I decided to start with 1mL of oil, containing 10 mg of CBD. I was feeling well when I took it, though with a bit of tension in the right side of my face from a poor sleeping position. I found the taste mildly unpleasant, but oils have never been my favorite taste.

The dropper has a theoretical maximum capacity of 1.5 mL, but filling it to this extent would be difficult if not impossible. The listed “½ of dropper” labeling can be confusing. 0.75 mL is a standard serving size, not 1 mL.

Total Dose Time of Day
10 mg 6:00 PM
7.5 mg 8:30 PM

I tried eating a food that is a common but inconsistent trigger for my IBS flare-ups (pasta in white sauce) in hopes of putting the effects of the CBD to the test. Out of an abundance of caution, I took an additional 7.5 mg of CBD right before the last bite of the meal.

I experienced about 30 seconds of very mild heartburn at one point, but not the two to three hour period of gastrointestinal distress that usually comes with a flare-up. While in no way conclusive, I would describe the result as promising.

Most of the night was spent alternating between work and playing video games. Both tasks felt slightly easier than usual. In my work as a writer, I can sometimes agonize over word choice, but felt less inclined to do so. I sometimes struggle with customization-heavy, choice-heavy gaming due to anxiety, but felt a modest improvement in my ability to make character building decisions without agonizing while playing.

Day Two

As before I started with 10mg of CBD while feeling well enough, albeit with a slight unexplained mood downturn. My mood stabilized somewhat for a while, but around 7:30 I had returned to the usual range of anxiety and depression symptoms. That may have been the result of being hungry, so I decided to press my luck with food and eat a full plate of orange chicken.

Total Dose Time of Day
10 mg 6:00 PM
8 mg 4:00 AM

This went slightly worse than the pasta.

Around 11:00 pm one of my usual flare-ups began. It did seem milder – I was able to continue going about my business for several minutes without any serious concern.

My flare-ups usually last two to three hours, but the ‘serious’ phase of this one lasted less than one. By about 12:30 am all pain and negative feelings had gone away entirely, marking a significant reduction from usual.

I decided to take another dose at around 4:00 am, slightly smaller than the first one, near the end of my usual waking cycle. After four total doses over the last two days, I found the flavor profile much more pleasant. While I would probably have preferred the vanilla oil in hindsight, my palate had mostly gotten over the oil taste at this point.

Day Three

I decided to continue my usual approach of starting with 10 mg of CBD and going from there, at the usual time. As I felt my approach from the first day was a little more effective, I duplicated it here, taking another 7.5mg of CBD a little under two hours later.

Total Dose Time of Day
10 mg 6:00 PM
7.5 mg 7:45 PM
7.5mg 3:00 AM

The day proved uneventful other than a brief emotional upset, which I handled in a relatively typical way. My mood proved unusually good, if anything. I did find myself a little on the tired side earlier than usual, though, so I decided to test the potential of CBD in stabilizing my sleep schedule a bit.

My sleep quality was much better than usual, especially when going to bed comparatively early for me. At this stage of the test I should note that I am three for three on having relatively clear, memorable dreams this week, when I usually average one or maybe two such events in a week.

Day Four

After my remarkably nice sleep, I decided to try splitting my doses up a little more over the course of the day. This didn’t do a lot for me. While I still felt relatively neutral, with minimal anxiety or depression, I felt some of the usual inclinations to excessively fuss with things. In the end, I decided to use CBD as a sleep aid again, and took 10mg right before bed in the hopes of having another good night’s sleep. It was kind of a nothing day, both in general and in the specific context of the CBD.


Total Dose Time of Day
10 mg 2:00 PM
7.5 mg 4:00 PM
7. 5mg 10:30 PM
10 mg 4:00AM

Day Five

I woke up feeling refreshed but a little over-tired for the amount I’d slept. The increased clarity of my dreams persisted, too. 

I chalked the tiredness up to slightly undereating the day prior and went to get groceries. I twisted my ankle a little carrying them up, and decided at that time to take the day’s first dose of CBD and see how I felt. This worked out fairly well; while the lingering pain took about the usual time to subside, I didn’t feel the need to fixate on it.

As has quickly become my usual, I took 10 mg before going to bed as well, after pulling an all-nighter juggling a few work projects.

Total Dose Time of Day
10 mg 7:30 AM
7.5 mg 2:00 PM

Day Six

I have had high-clarity, extremely memorable dreams every single night of this exercise and am now quite willing to attribute it to the CBD oil.

I woke up and went about my business for a few hours, cooking breakfast and sorting out some monthly bills and budget issues. Around 5:30 pm I decided to take two doses of CBD oil after a meal. After six days of taking this CBD product my issues with its flavor passed. I find the taste, if not pleasant, at least inoffensive.

Total Dose Time of Day
15 mg 5:30 PM
10 mg 1:30 AM

I experienced another flare-up starting around 6:45, but even compared to the one earlier in the week, this one was mild. Pain was almost nonexistent, replaced with a sort of generalized queasiness and a sense that a flare-up was occurring. It lasted a little under two hours, but did still feel less painful than usual.

I followed up with another 10 mg before trying to sleep even earlier than usual. I woke up a few hours later, turning this into more of an unfortunate late nap, but the quality of the sleep was still fairly strong.

Day Seven

I woke up from my eventual sleep feeling kind of enervated, eventually taking a little CBD before eating. The day was uneventful. I didn’t notice too much of a difference from the CBD. I decided to take an equal dose to the one that started the day at the end of the day.

Total Dose Time of Day
10 mg 7:00 PM
10 mg 3:00 AM

PureKana CBD Oil – Conclusion and Final Verdict

My overall experience using PureKana’s CBD oil for wellness was positive. It did not serve as a cure for my otherwise-untreated gastrointestinal and mental health issues, but thoughtfully-timed doses of CBD did attenuate both physical pain and mental distress.

While I cannot speak to the flavor compared to other CBD oils, as this was my first one, I did come to find it palatable with no flavor additives. Physically, this product did a solid job of attenuating pain, but was nothing life-changing. I would describe the relief as less than that of ibuprofen, but effective against a wider range of conditions, including some that other medications have never helped for me personally. The effects on my chronic illness were significant, however.

Emotionally and mentally, PureKana oil did an excellent job. While I still had anxious or depressive episodes as I usually do, they seemed both less frequent and less distressing.

Economically, this seems like a fairly solid deal as well – I could have taken significantly more CBD each day and still had the $54 product last more than a week.

Frequently Asked Questions about PureKana CBD Oil

PureKana CBD Oil users report pain management, anxiety relief, and sleep aid as the main benefits.

The natural-flavor PureKana CBD Oil tastes sour with a slightly bitter aftertaste that lingers for about a minute.

PureKana CBD oil is clear with just a small hint of yellow.

PureKana CBD Oil currently comes in five different strengths:


Strength Cost
300 mg $54.00
600mg $95.00
1,000 mg $154.00
2,500 mg $249.00
5,000 mg $390.00

PureKana CBD Oil is taken orally under the tongue.

A standard serving takes up a little more than half of the dropper and at its lowest potency contains 7.5 mg of CBD per dose (1/2 mL). Higher-potency products can contain more than 80 mg of CBD in a comparably sized serving.

PureKana CBD oil uses MCT oil, which comes from coconuts, as its carrier oil.

PureKana CBD Oil claims to contain terpenes as well as CBD, but the most recent certificate of analysis does not indicate the presence of terpenes.

No. According to its most recent certificate of analysis, PureKana CBD Oil contains no THC.

PureKana CBD Oil comes from a CO2 extraction process that uses carbon dioxide to separate the beneficial compounds in the plant from the plant itself.

PureKana currently uses Ace Analytical Laboratory for testing. In addition to testing for cannabinoids, PureKana also tests for microbe presence, foreign matter, and water activity.