Premium Jane CBD Oil Review

Last updated on October 22nd, 2019


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Premium Jane Purchase Experience

Premium Jane’s site is fast and easy to navigate. The product pages contain a useful snapshot of all the information I look for when searching for CBD products. One thing I always find before buying is the Certificate of Analysis (CoA). Premium Jane makes theirs easy to find in the Labsheet tab of their website’s Help section.

The CoA was thorough and I was pleasantly surprised to see a terpene analysis included–a premium service that many producers disregard.

I’m a bit of a geek about these things and saw that my oil contained sizeable amounts of beta-pinene and gamma-terpinene. There were also icons of pine, wood, and herbs–the aromas most noticeable from the terpenes present in this particular batch of oil.

I chose the 300mg Citrus CBD Tincture. At $54 ($0.18/mg) shipped, it’s nearly twice as expensive as some budget CBD products. However, it’s priced similarly to other brands that label themselves “premium”.

So what does a premium CBD oil get you?

Among other things, Premium Jane’s CBD oil uses organic hemp, CO2 extraction, and provides a terpene analysis. These are factors I consider important when buying a CBD product – factors I’m willing to pay a premium for.

My one complaint about the purchase experience–and it’s a minor one at that–is that tinctures of the same flavor, but different concentrations, are treated as separate products. I’d prefer if I could see all the available concentrations in the flavor I like and switch between them while on the product page.

First Impressions

I enjoy most anything citrus, so I went with Premium Jane’s citrus CBD tincture. It tastes pleasant, with strong notes of lemon zest and orange peel. This one uses MCT oil extracted from coconuts as the carrier oil.

Some flavored MCT-based CBD oils have a distinct coconut aftertaste that some find off-putting. However, I didn’t notice any flavors apart from citrus with this product. Premium Jane describes the citrus flavors in this oil as “subtle”, though I’d classify it as nearly the opposite–bold, but not overpowering. That being said, this is the best tasting CBD oil I’ve tried

Premium Jane Citrus CBD Tincture – Experience Highlights


I take a daily low dose prescription for mild anxiety, but don’t currently take anything for situational anxiety (e.g. social events, travelling, extended family functions). I’ve taken Xanax in the past for this purpose, but don’t like the emotional numbness and side effects associated. After hearing that CBD can help relieve anxiety, I decided to give it a shot.

While trying Premium Jane, a close friend I hadn’t talked to in years asked if I wanted to reconnect. I was happy to hear from him, but a bit nervous meeting after years of not talking. We were meeting in the morning, and since I didn’t feel like drinking that early, decided to take 15 mg of CBD (1.5x my usual dose) 20 minutes before we met.

Our meeting went great. We spent hours catching up and chatting about old times. Though still slightly nervous, I felt calmer and more relaxed before and during our meeting.


I recently ordered a new mattress when I discovered my old mattress was the source of back pain I’d been struggling with for months. It reached a breaking point when I couldn’t bend over or make simple movements in the morning. I was out of CBD when this began and used an NSAID to manage the pain to moderate success. I also used cold/hot therapy and shamelessly asked for back massages when the pain was particularly bad.

After my Premium Jane CBD oil arrived, I took 20mg of CBD in lieu of the NSAID. The pain relief was similar to the NSAID, however, my range of motion improved slightly. I could make longer movements and bend over further without feeling as much pain. It’s a small sample size and the results I experienced could’ve been influenced by other factors, but the results are encouraging and something I intend to test more in the future.


I typically work late and have a hard time winding down when getting ready for bed. I don’t have trouble staying asleep, but will occasionally lie awake for hours trying to fall asleep. I’ve taken sleeping pills and melatonin in the past, but don’t like the morning grogginess that comes with them–nor the side effects of some prescription sleep meds. However, after taking CBD for anxiety, I noticed it’s relaxing effect also helped me fall asleep more quickly.

As a newer CBD user (<1 year), I typically take the recommended dosage of 10mg, but found that a 20mg dose works best for me for sleep.

I ran out of CBD for a few weeks prior to ordering this tincture and wasn’t sleeping particularly well. When taking CBD for sleep, I took a dose as part of my nightly routine before brushing my teeth. I let the dose linger under my tongue a little longer than normal to feel the effects more quickly. After a few minutes, my body and mind relaxed and I felt like I could fall asleep after watching a show or reading for a short time.

After a week of taking Premium Jane, I felt more rested and energized in the mornings–something I haven’t felt from other sleeping medications in the past. (Sleep isn’t a major issue for me; it’s more of an annoyance. If you’re someone that struggles with falling asleep and staying asleep, CBD may not be as effective for you.)

Premium Jane Citrus CBD Tincture – The Final Verdict

Premium Jane ranks among the best CBD tinctures I’ve tried–definitely the best tasting. Their full spectrum oil met my expectations for the ailments I used it on. It helped alleviate symptoms for my back pain and anxiety and also worked well as a sleep aid.

Premium Jane’s products are geared towards the premium market. Though not the most expensive CBD oil, it’s certainly one of them. The higher price tag means this oil has a few features you might not see in less expensive oils, such as: organic hemp grown in Oregon; a full terpene analysis with the CoA; and no artificial flavorings.

I would buy this product again and recommend it to a CBD user looking for a premium product or someone who cares about some of the extra features Premium Jane products provide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Premium Jane Citrus CBD Tincture

Premium Jane recommends using its CBD oil as a nutritional supplement for pain, inflammation, sleep-related issues, anxiety, and day-to-day stress relief.

Yes, Premium Jane CBD Oil is available in three different strengths:

Strength Cost
300 mg $54.00
500 mg $95.00
1,000 mg $135.00

Premium Jane CBD Oil is taken orally under the tongue.

Depending on concentration, the average CBD in one serving ranges from 7.5mg to 25mg.

Premium Jane CBD Oil uses MCT oil as a carrier oil. Most MCT oil on the market comes from coconuts.

Premium Jane CBD Oil uses full-spectrum hemp extraction, allowing other cannabinoids and terpenes to be added to its CBD products for full effect.

Premium Jane CBD Oil may contain a small amount of THC, but is well under the legal limit for hemp products.

Premium Jane CBD Oil does not cause highs or other psychoactive side-effects.

Premium Jane uses a full-spectrum CO2 extraction method for all Premium Jane CBD Oil products.

Premium Jane works with ProVerde Laboratories for is testing, but its certificates of analysis cannot currently be found on its website.

Customers can receive this information by contacting the company instead.