Green Roads CBD Oil Review

Last updated on October 11th, 2019


CBD Reviewer Score

Green Roads Pure CBD Oil – Subject D Panel Review

Subject D Reviewer Profile
Gender Male
Age 31
Weight 145 lbs
Height 5’8″
Pre-existing conditions TMJ disorder and overbite treated with orthodontics
Chronic Illness TMJ headache 2-3 times weekly; anxiety and mild depression treated with 40mg/daily citalopram

Green Roads CBD Oil Purchase Experience

Green Roads’s website is built for a smooth and curated purchasing experience. The Green Roads 250 mg CBD Oil product is marketed as a top-tier, introductory CBD oil with a cost $45.99 for about 15 servings of 17mg of CBD–which is above average compared to its competition. The lab testing information was very easy to find and access on the product page.

While shipping to my address for a single vial was an additional $6.95, there was also an offer for free shipping on orders over $100. After browsing the site and while on the checkout screen, I was also presented with a discount code. My order was confirmed and I received the order with a few business days without incident.

Day One

Total Dose Time of Day
17 mg 4:00 PM

Since this is my first time taking a CBD product for wellness, I decided to start off with one full dropper–1mL of oil that contains 17mg of CBD. It was easy to get the full 1mL dose in the dropper, which also has measurements for smaller servings on the side. The oil is a pale yellow color. I think it tastes good overall, with a warm, bright, mildly sour flavor.

I was feeling fine, with just a bit of shoulder tightness from computer use, when I tried the CBD. After about ten minutes I began to feel slightly more relaxed. I decided to go for a walk and get groceries on the way home for a total of three miles. I tend to get impatient walking behind others, especially when toting around groceries, but I felt more comfortable in close quarters and my mood was even during the trip.

I did not notice any negative side effects, and any effects I experienced faded within about two hours.

Day Two

Total Dose Time of Day
17 mg 8:00 AM
17 mg 8:00 PM

I tried taking the CBD oil after brushing my teeth to see if there was a difference in taste … none!

I went for a five mile walk with a spontaneous route. I felt more relaxed than usual. As someone who has always had trouble with anxiety, I am often overcome with a lack of willpower to continue activities or with a strong desire to go home. Maybe it was the weather or the CBD, but I was able to enjoy some daffodils, the waterfront, and a busy city market because I didn’t have any of those problematic feelings.

I had another dose after dinner with some vaporized cannabis to relax before bed. I did not notice any compounded effects.

Day Three

Total Dose Time of Day
17 mg 11:00 AM
17 mg 8:00 PM

I managed to get one mile of walking in, but was working at my computer at home most of the day. I took the CBD mid-morning and I did not notice any additional effects besides the general ease I experienced previously. At 8pm I vaped cannabis after the CBD dose again to relax in advance of bedtime. However, I noticed my shoulders and jaw were a bit tight as I went to sleep.

Day Four

Total Dose Time of Day
17 mg 4:00 AM
17 mg 10:00 AM

I woke up at 4am with a TMJ headache that I experience a couple of times a week. Misalignment (malocclusion) and clenching my jaw produces throbbing pain on one side that radiates to neighboring areas like the temple, eye, ear, sinus, teeth, neck, and shoulder. It usually goes away after 8-12 hours but sometimes it can last several days. It can be treated with NSAIDs like ibuprofen, but sometimes that does not even slow the progression of the headache. NSAIDs can also damage the stomach and GI when taken regularly or in large amounts. I have had problems with acid reflux in the past, so I try to limit how much I take.

I took one pill each of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, and 17mg of CBD before taking a warm shower. After showering and stretching a little, I went back to bed with my mouth guards in. By time time I woke up, the headache was gone.

I took another dose at 10am and ended up going for a three mile walk.

Day Five

Total Dose Time of Day
17 mg 10:00 AM
17 mg 8:00 PM

Day five felt like pretty normal day; however, in the evening I started to get another TMJ headache and despite taking CBD, showering, and stretching, I still had the headache when I went to sleep.

Day Six

Total Dose Time of Day
17 mg 10:00 AM

Thankfully it was the weekend because I ended up sleeping most of the day with a headache that carried over from the night before. I took CBD before showering and I almost fell in the shower. I realized then that I had almost slipped in the shower after I took CBD earlier in the week, too. I’ll have to pay attention to this in the future.

I also take prescribed citalopram which can make you feel tired (I take it at night and never have problems falling asleep), so I don’t know if its effects are compounded in any way by CBD. I was feeling better in the afternoon but I decided to taper down the last two days.

Day Seven

Total Dose Time of Day
17 mg 10:00 AM

I did not notice any side effects from taking less CBD as I finished off the week with another single 17mg dose.

Green Roads 250 mg CBD Oil – Conclusion and Final Verdict

Overall I had a positive experience using Green Roads 250 mg CBD Oil for wellness.

Taking a dose before going out did seem to make socializing and being in close quarters on noisy, busy streets more tolerable and less grating for this general anxiety sufferer. While bodily relaxation does seem to be an effect, I need more testing to tell if it helps with my TMJ headaches or not. The duration of effect was at least a couple of hours.

I have taste-tested several other oils and I think the Green Roads 250 mg CBD Oil formulation has one of the best textures and a decent taste (albeit some aftertaste). I am curious to see how this product performs compared to lower-priced competitors–it doesn’t seem economical to take this formulation in large doses. If you take 1mL twice daily for a total of 34mg CBD, this $45.99 bottle will last just one week; at 0.5mL or 8.5mg of CBD per day, it will last about a month.

The dropper was easy to fill and it has markings on the side for smaller dose sizes. The bottle could be challenging to open at times. I used Green Roads 250 mg Pure CBD Oil in combination with several other chemicals including caffeine, vaporized cannabis, and my regular, daily SSRI (citalopram), with no noticeable negative interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Green Roads CBD Oil

Due to its wide range of product concentrations, most users of Green Roads CBD Oil use it for pain management, stress relief, anxiety relief, and general wellness.

Green Roads CBD Oil has a very distinct and medicinal taste, which is unique to its formulation. When this product touches the underside of the tongue it generates a warm bitterness that can be unexpected. The taste lasts for a few minutes after this CBD oil is consumed.

The 250 mg concentration CBD oil product is milky grey and syrupy. This product requires a good shake before use.

Yes, the product comes in seven different strengths:

Strength Cost
100 mg $26.99
250 mg $45.99
350 mg $64.99
550 mg $84.99
1,000 mg $162.99
1,500 mg $209.99
3,500 mg $420.00

Green Roads CBD Oil is taken orally under the tongue.

The recommended dose is between 0.5ml and 1ml, but varies in concentration from 7mg/ml to 58mg/ml depending on the product.

Green Roads CBD Oil uses kosher-grade vegetable glycerin and hemp seed oil in its products, in addition to the broad-spectrum CBD oil itself.

Green Roads CBD Oil uses broad-spectrum hemp extraction, so other beneficial compounds from the hemp plant make their way into the final oil.

Terpenes and other extracts cause an entourage effect in which multiple beneficial substances act together.

No. Green Roads CBD Oil’s most recent certificates of analysis indicate no THC in the final product, ensuring that users do not feel any hallucinatory or psychoactive effects, only the health benefits of cannabidiol.

Green Roads CBD Oil’s cannabidiol comes from a broad-spectrum supercritical CO2 extraction process. This separates beneficial parts of the plant from unnecessary ones.

Currently, Green Roads uses EVIO Labs in Florida for all of its testing needs.

Users can review Green Roads CBD Oil certificates of analysis on the company website, showing which cannabinoids and terpenes are in the final product as well as the presence or absence of any other chemicals.