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Last updated on November 7th, 2019


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Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil – Subject A Panel Review

Subject A Reviewer Profile
Gender Male
Age 31
Weight 190 lbs
Height 6’1″
Pre-existing conditions N/A
Chronic Illness N/A

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Purchase Experience

The Charlotte’s Web product website is clean, loads quickly, and is simple to navigate. I’ve used several CBD oil products, so I approached the online portal with an expectation to find basic CBD education, common dosing recommendations for this product, and pertinent information about the production process and contents of what I wanted to buy. Most of these things were present.

Where can I find the certificate of analysis of Charlotte’s Web Products?

Charlotte’s Web does not provide direct access to a certificate of analysis (CoA) for the product you want to purchase before you buy it. Instead, once you receive your product in the mail, you can use a lot number that comes on both the packaging and the shipping label to then look up the certificate.

This is less than ideal for people who have to be extra careful about things like trace THC, for example. There is in fact THC in the mint chocolate product — a legal amount, and an amount that does not cause any kind of high. But this is not listed anywhere on the product information section of the purchasing page*. If I was routinely drug tested and took this product without knowing this, there’s a possibility that I could test positive for THC, even if I’m not getting high.

*The product is listed on the website as full-spectrum, meaning it contains THC, but it should be more explicit.

I really appreciate that Charlotte’s Web goes out of its way to provide certificates for each product the way that they do. It demonstrates the brand’s commitment to being transparent about what you’re getting, and when you do finally get a product to look up its certificate, the information is extremely thorough. I would prefer to see at least a relevant cannabinoid profile before I pay money.

This product is competitively priced relative to other products of similar strength.

How do you take a CBD oil for wellness?

It really comes down to understanding your own body and how it responds to what you put inside of it.

I do intermittent fasting, so I give myself an 8 to 9 hour window for eating every day. I try to fast after 9PM and have lunch at around 1 or 2 PM. This eating schedule makes me extra aware of how my body feels when it is low on calories and then I add things to it. What happens if I eat a banana, or drink a glass of water, or smoke marijuana and drink coffee?

These are questions that you can ask yourself to help contextualize the way taking CBD makes you feel. If it makes you feel alert, how alert? How alert did you feel compared to having a cup of coffee? If you fast in the morning and you felt hungry before you took CBD oil, and the hunger went away after, that might be a significant experience worth trying to replicate.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Experience Summary

Pain Reduction

I experience general aches and pains associated with both workout recovery and repetitive activities. This pain is pretty low on the intensity scale, but some days are worse than others. If I’m feeling particularly sore or have reduced range of motion in a sore area, I’ll take a couple ibuprofen and call it good.

This has worked pretty well for me so far, except that ibuprofen (and NSAIDs in general) bother my stomach. I don’t like to take them, so I tend to just ride out the pain unless I really think I need a pill. I use marijuana regularly, and though it’s not a cure-all for pain, it helps enough for me when it’s needed.

Since this is a lower strength product I didn’t expect significant pain reduction. But there is definitely a dampening of muscle pain that happens immediately after taking this CBD oil. The best way to explain it is that there’s a difference between muscle tightness and muscle pain, and you can experience both together. Taking this low dose of this product dampened the muscle pain and reduced the tightness somewhat, but I could still sense soreness. The pain was less, but the perception of soreness was present.

My overall assumption was that this reduction of pain perception would increase with an increased amount of CBD. I tested this over 5 different, specific instances while taking this product and found this to be generally true. I didn’t go any higher than two times the recommended dose for now, but as I get more comfortable with CBD oil I intend to find the ideal dose through more trial and error.

Anxiety Reduction

I experience fleeting anxiety and mood swings, but I do not have clinically diagnosed anxiety. That said, taking this CBD oil — even in a low dose — definitely affected my mood in a positive way.

After taking this CBD oil my mood felt more balanced. I felt more even, more comfortable in conversations with others, and felt generally positive and pleasant.

It is a whole-body type of evenness, and I felt less reactionary to things that might otherwise cause me to feel annoyed. This “pleasantness” was most noticeable for me about an hour after taking the product with a shower.

Insomnia Reduction

The recent change to fall has impacted my sleep cycle. I fall asleep a bit earlier and wake up earlier.

If I wake up and have had at least 4-5 hours of sleep, I tend to feel alert and ready for activity. I have trouble falling back to sleep, even if I’m not ready to get out of bed. Most of the time I can manage with a quick nap sometime during the afternoon, but my preference would be to sleep longer and nap less. Once while testing this CBD oil I took a dose before bedtime after a shower. I slept particularly well that evening, slept about 6 hours, and felt very rested in the morning. I would definitely like to test this product more in the future specifically around bedtime dosing.

According to the manufacturer, Charlotte’s Web CBD oils are generally used to relieve everyday stresses, recover from exercise, and support a sense of calm for focus.

The standard CBD oil product has a light hemp flavor and is broad spectrum, meaning its production process retains other cannabinoids during extraction.

The mint chocolate flavor is subtle, leaves little aftertaste, and is very balanced. It does not have a heavy hemp flavor and is not sweet.

The mint chocolate CBD oil product has a light brown/yellow color. (See images above.)

This product comes in four different strengths:

Strength Cost
7 mg CBD/mL $39.99
17 mg CBD/mL $74.99
50 mg CBD/mL $149.99
60 mg CBD/mL $164.99

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil is taken orally under the tongue.

Charlotte’s Web recommends a 1 mL dose of its oil products per use, which contains between 7 mg and 60 mg of hemp extract depending on strength.

Charlotte’s Web uses olive oil for their standard product and MCT oil for others. Some of their products have additional oils added for more flavor.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil is a broad-spectrum product, including other hemp extract chemicals in the final product like terpenes and other cannabinoids besides CBD.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil may contain THC, but Charlotte’s Web products typically contain no more than 13 parts per million of THC.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil does not cause psychoactive effects.

The hemp extracts in Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil come from a broad-spectrum CO2 extraction process. Most CBD oil manufacturers use CO2 extraction to separate cannabidiol from the rest of the plant.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil and other Charlotte’s Web products go through third-party testing processes that test for both potency and presence of toxic chemicals, microbes, and toxins. Charlotte’s Web currently uses Botanacor Services for its testing needs.

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