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Last updated on November 3rd, 2019


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cbdMD CBD Oil – Subject A Panel Review

Subject A Reviewer Profile
Gender Male
Age 31
Weight 190 lbs
Height 6’1″
Pre-existing conditions N/A
Chronic Illness N/A

cbdMD CBD Oil Purchase Experience

cbdMD’s CBD oil was easy to purchase. The website is fast, but it took me some extra time to dig up certificates of analysis for the product I wanted to buy. I want to see everything that’s in the product before I make a purchase. Once I found the certificate, I was satisfied with the thoroughness of the report. After shipping, the total cost of this product was about $38 — cheaper per mg than several other products of similar strength. The company also offers free standard shipping on orders in the US.

Day One

I experience muscle soreness from working out and also work a job where I am sitting and using a computer for long periods of time. Though I take breaks and walk around, I sometimes have aches and pains associated with this repetitive activity.

Since this is not the first product I have reviewed, I decided to up the dosage slightly from the standard recommendation (10 mg in a dropperful for this CBD oil). I also tried to be more aware of any pain I was experiencing immediately before and in the time following dosages.

cbdMD CBD Oil in dish

There is 1 mL of liquid in this dish. One squeeze of the bulb does not pull an entire dropperful.

I tried the berry flavored product, which contains a natural berry extract in MCT oil extracted from coconut oil as a carrier. The taste is very pleasant and clean, and the flavor of coconut is pretty noticeable (a note for people who don’t like the taste of coconuts). This CBD oil is not very viscous, is full spectrum (contains other beneficial compounds like amino acids), and is clear.

Total Dose Time of Day
15 mg (1.5x recommended dose) 7:00 AM
15 mg (1.5x recommended dose) 10:00 PM

I noticed some pain reduction when taking cbdMD’s CBD oil — I’d describe it as a dampening. The pain was less, more tolerable, and I experienced a range-of-motion increase in particularly sore areas. On top of this, I felt more comfortable (because I have done this before) vaping marijuana. Together the experience was enjoyable, and I was able to relax quickly and sleep well.

The effect of pain dampening lasted about 2 hours for me.

Day Two

cbdMD recommends using this product twice daily or as needed. Since I’m also interested in using CBD oil as a tool for general wellness (i.e., something I can take once or twice a day with no adverse reactions), my dosing pattern changed over the course of the week.

Total Dose Time of Day
15 mg (1.5x recommended dose) 8:00 AM
10 mg (recommended dose) 8:00 PM
15 mg (1.5x recommended dose) 10:00 PM

Like the first day, I noticed the similar pain dampening effect. It lasted a couple hours in the morning and then tapered off towards lunch. Overall, the experience was pleasant, and I consumed coffee on top of it with no issues.

Extra dose – evening (8:00 PM)

I decided to relax and read a book in the evening. I took a dose before reading and then once more before bed. For me, when in a quiet and relaxed environment, taking cbdMD’s CBD oil enhanced the experience. While reading I was focused and attentive, and by the time I was ready for bed I slept soundly and without much trouble staying asleep.

Day Three

I took the standard dose plus a half in both the morning and the evening. Although I didn’t have any major aches and pains, the thirty minutes to an hour after consuming this CBD oil were enjoyable. I felt clear-headed, alert, and motivated. I imagine that some of this energy is due to good sleep, but the experience between days was consistently pleasant.

Total Dose Time of Day
15 mg (1.5x recommended dose) 9:00 AM
15 mg (1.5x recommended dose) 10:00 PM

Day Four

A standard day. I took the morning CBD dose while drinking coffee without any adverse reactions.

Total Dose Time of Day
15 mg (1.5x recommended dose) 8:00 AM
15 mg (1.5x recommended dose) 10:00 PM

Day Five

On day five I had dinner and a few drinks after work late into the evening. I took some of this CBD oil before bed and slept well. I felt rested the following morning, but I don’t have enough information to attribute that to this product.

cbdMD CBD Oil in dish dropperful

One squeeze of the bulb does not pull a complete dropperful.

Total Dose Time of Day
15 mg (1.5x recommended dose) 9:00 AM
15 mg (1.5x recommended dose) 11:30 PM

Day Six, Seven

On the final two days I tapered down to cbdMD’s recommended dose of this product — 10 mg once or twice a day as needed. On both days I experienced vivid, lucid dreams that were complex with involved narratives. The first happened early in the morning. At one point during this dream I made a conscious realization of what was happening and decided to continue dreaming. The second dream happened during an afternoon nap and was more fleeting, but still just as vivid as the first.

Total Dose Time of Day
10 mg (recommended dose) 8:00 AM
10 mg (recommended dose) 9:00 PM

The fact that I dreamt at all is an interesting result. As a frequent user of marjiuana I do not dream often. When I have to stop using marijuana — like during travel — I will have more frequent dreams. I’ve only had similarly vivid dreams like the ones I experienced on Days 5 and 6 after taking melatonin to help with sleep.

cbdMD CBD Oil – Conclusion and Final Verdict

This is the second CBD oil product in which I monitored my response in earnest. I enjoyed the berry and coconut tastes, and the product was easy to consume. Because I was more comfortable with my body’s response to lower doses of CBD, I increased the dosage slightly to 1 and a half times the standard dosage (which cbdMD lists as twice daily or as needed).

This product reduced light pain and muscle soreness from exercise. After taking it, I experienced a slightly increased range of motion in certain areas. Though the pain was not reduced completely, I felt a noticeable drop.

The dreams were an unexpected and pleasant surprise. There’s also not enough data here to say with confidence if this CBD oil caused these dreams, but for me this is a side-effect that stands out since I don’t have them regularly. I’m interested in trying this product with food and in higher doses to see if the positive impact on pain relief is enhanced.

Frequently Asked Questions about cbdMD CBD Oil

Most users of cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture use it primarily for pain and anxiety relief. Some users have reported stress relief benefits.

cbdMD’s CBD Oil Tincture comes in the following six strengths:

Strength Cost
300 mg $29.99
750 mg $69.99
1,500 mg $99.99
3,000 mg $149.99
5,000 mg $239.99
7,500 mg $339.99

cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture is taken orally under the tongue.

cbdMD suggests using 1ml of oil twice per day, once upon waking and once before going to sleep at first. Heavier customers, or those with stronger symptoms, may need more than twice this, while smaller customers and those with more mild symptoms may not need that.

cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture uses MCT oil extracted from coconuts as a carrier oil.

The hemp strains used by cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture contain no THC.

You can review the certificates of analysis for cbdMD’s products to see which cannabinoids they contain.

cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture is created with a broad-spectrum CO2 extraction method, enabling the selective extraction of terpenes, CBD, and other healthy products from the hemp plant.

cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture and other cbdMD products go through multiple third-party labs, including ProVerde and SC Labs.

Tests assess the purity of the CBD and terpenes used, and help detect the presence of toxins like solvents and heavy metals.