Wyld CBD Brand Review 2020

Wyld CBD offers a 20% discount for veterans, which is lower than average among brands we have assessed. Wyld CBD does not offer any discounts for people with low income.

We asked questions to explore Wyld CBD's interest in edible products and understand what sets them apart.

What motivated the founders of Wyld to get into hemp?

Our co-founders, Aaron Morris and Chris Joseph, saw a need in the cannabis industry for a more polished, approachable brand. Something that does not come with a stoner stigma or require an extensive knowledge of all things weed.

In light of their previous success with Wild Roots Spirits, Chris and Aaron realized that fresh fruit and Northwest sensibilities are pure gold with consumers. So why not apply that approach to the world of CBD? The result is WYLD – great tasting CBD edibles made with natural ingredients, including real honest-to-goodness Northwest fruit.

Why “Wyld”? Is there significance behind this name?

Wyld is not an acronym for anything, but rather a way of life. We encourage people to live life Wyld and to find their own adventure with our products.

Although Wyld does not have a definition for each letter, our name stands for many things. Integrity and transparency, consistency and quality. Wyld doesn't fit in a box. Wyld follows its own rules. Wyld is untamed, unapologetic and true to its very nature. For these reasons, Wyld is spelled with a "Y".

Wyld is the culture we embrace; it’s how we live. Wyld explores, pushes depths, questions what cannot be done, innovates, and maintains an open mind. Wyld respects what others have accomplished while continuing to pioneer each day. Live life Wyld.

Could you tell us more about your partnership with Friends of Trees?

We recently teamed up with Friends of Trees (FoT), an organization founded in 1989 with a mission to bring more trees back into urban areas. Since their founding, FoT has planted over 750,000+ trees and native plants in over 120+ neighborhoods.

Friend of Trees is an awesome local Oregon organization. Wyld is proud that we have a great relationship. As a company, we feel a strong commitment to preserving the land we so proudly call home. It’s essential that we participate in service projects as a team to ensure a robust, sustainable natural environment for future generations.

Sparkling water and gummies are interesting choices for first products. Did you intentionally choose to stay away from CBD oil?

We are masters of our craft in the cannabis edibles space, so naturally CBD came to us as second nature. As far as CBD oil we’re not a CBD oil company.

Are Wyld products available in any brick and mortar locations?

Yes! Our products are available in several brick and mortar stores across the nation.

Can you recommend a starter edible product for a new CBD user?

Our 4 pack is a great way to start! You get a little bit of everything.

Does Wyld work with any local Oregon farms for sourcing its hemp?

Not at the moment, but we would love to see a collaboration in the future. Oregon has some of the best produce!

How do you recommend that people consume your sparkling water?

Have it with a friend or family member. You can also use it with your favorite mixology recipe. As for my favorite flavor - Raspberry, but the office favorite is Huckleberry.

How consistent are the broad spectrum strains across your products?

We try to stay consistent when we choose our oils so that customers get a full dose of CBD and a constant flavor across products.

What are some ways that your team acts on customer feedback?

We have a great in-house support staff. They are the best with working with our customers, and some customers' feedback plays a huge role in product creations and services.

How does Wyld CBD practice environmental sustainability across production from seed to product?

We try to make sure we do business with responsible sustainable vendors.

Do you have plans to make other types of products?

Yes, but that's as much I can speak on for future products.

Does Wyld CBD offer discounts for veterans, disabled individuals, or low-income groups?

Yes! We have a 20% discount to show we support our veterans. We also have a discount for healthcare workers to show we support them and thanks for being on the frontline.

If a customer qualifies they can reach out to us on our social platforms or contact us on our site.

Wyld CBD Review 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions

Oregon-based Wyld CBD offers a small assortment of edible CBD products. The company has experience in THC edibles.

Wyld CBD uses American-grown hemp products.

Wyld CBD uses a broad-spectrum extraction process. This allows the use of many of the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant without THC.

Wyld CBD offers two product lines: gummies and sparkling water. Each of these products comes in multiple flavors.

  • Wyld CBD Gummies 250mg
  • Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg
  • Wyld CBD Sparkling Water 25mg

PIXIS Labs, a third-party cannabis testing laboratory in Oregon, tests all Wyld CBD product batches. The company makes both simplified and full versions of these reports available on its website.

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Terpene Profile
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