PureKana CBD Oil Reviews

PureKana CBD Oil - Frequently Asked Questions

The natural-flavor PureKana CBD Oil tastes sour with a slightly bitter aftertaste that lingers for about a minute.

PureKana CBD oil is clear with just a small hint of yellow.

PureKana CBD Oil currently comes in five different strengths:

300 mg
1,000 mg
2,500 mg
5,000 mg

PureKana CBD Oil is taken orally under the tongue.

A standard serving takes up a little more than half of the dropper and at its lowest potency contains 7.5 mg of CBD per dose (1/2 mL). Higher-potency products can contain more than 80 mg of CBD in a comparably sized serving.

PureKana CBD oil uses MCT oil, which comes from coconuts, as its carrier oil.

PureKana CBD Oil claims to contain terpenes as well as CBD, but the most recent certificate of analysis does not indicate the presence of terpenes.

No. According to its most recent certificate of analysis, PureKana CBD Oil contains no THC.

PureKana CBD Oil comes from a CO2 extraction process that uses carbon dioxide to separate the beneficial compounds in the plant from the plant itself.

PureKana currently uses Ace Analytical Laboratory for testing. In addition to testing for cannabinoids, PureKana also tests for microbe presence, foreign matter, and water activity.