PlusCBD Oil Reviews

PlusCBD CBD Oil - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. PlusCBD CBD Oil Gold Drops comes in three different strengths: 250mg (1oz), 750mg (2oz), and 1500mg (2oz).

PlusCBD CBD Oil is taken orally under the tongue.

Each serving of the 250mg product contains 3mg of CBD oil.

PlusCBD uses hemp oil as its carrier oil.

PlusCBD uses a full-spectrum hemp extract.

The full-spectrum hemp extracts PlusCBD offers contain THC. PlusCBD recommends users with concerns about drug tests or THC sensitivity avoid taking PlusCBD CBD oil.

PlusCBD’s CBD comes from a full-spectrum CO2 extraction method, which means it contains both CBD and THC.

Users interested in the potency or potential contaminants of PlusCBD CBD oil can review certificates of analysis for several batches on the company’s website. All products are tested for contaminants including solvents, microbes, heavy metals, pesticides, and plant growth regulators.