Medterra Brand Review 2020

California-based Medterra uses CBD oil from non-GMO plants grown in compliance with Kentucky's industrial hemp program. After extracting CBD from hemp using liquid CO2, Medterra has its CBD tested by third parties to ensure purity and safety for the final product. The company believes CBD products should be affordable for all those in need.

Medterra offers a 0% discount for veterans, which is lower than average among brands we have assessed. Medterra does not offer any discounts for people with low income.

Medterra Review 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions

Medterra’s leadership includes farming and agricultural experts with backgrounds in food-grade compound extraction, vegetable genetics, and other agricultural sciences. Medterra operates out of Irvine, California.

Medterra acquires non-GMO industrial hemp from Kentucky. As a partner of Kentucky farmers participating in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, Medterra takes advantage of Kentucky’s rich soil and hemp-friendly climate. It claims the higher nutrient quality of the soil in Kentucky yields a better product.

After using liquid CO2 to extract CBD from the hemp plant, Medterra winterizes the hemp oil it has extracted. Winterization improves both purity and concentration of cannabidiol by removing fats and lipids that might otherwise dilute the final product.

Medterra offers CBD oil in both liquid and gel capsule form. Medterra also sells a pet-friendly version of its CBD tincture that is separate from its products for people. While tested under the same rigorous standards as human-targeted products, Medterra’s CBD for companion animals includes a beef or chicken flavoring agent.

  • Medoil CBD Tincture 500mg
  • Medoil CBD Tincture 1000mg
  • Medoil CBD Tincture 3000mg
  • 30 CBD Gel Capsules 25mg
  • 30 CBD Gel Capsules 50mg
  • Medterra Pets CBD Tincture 300mg

Medterra also sells CBD products with supplement infusions. These combine CBD’s restorative properties with caffeine, vitamins, melatonin, valerian root, or other ingredients, depending on the product.

Medterra partners with Green Scientific Labs to test its products. Test result examples can be found through its website on product pages.

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