Koi CBD Brand Review 2019

Last updated on November 13th, 2019

  • Koi CBD operates under a simple philosophy: help as many people as possible with its CBD products. It uses CO2 extraction methods to create both isolate and full-spectrum CBD. Prospective purchasers can look at the lab sheets and certificates of analysis for all current Koi CBD products.
  • Who is Koi CBD?

    Koi CBD, a California-based CBD distributor, has been in business since 2015. Koi believes that the lack of industry standardization and inconsistency of CBD products needs to be addressed, and considers high-quality, pure cannabidiol a priority.

  • Where does Koi CBD get its hemp?

    Koi CBD sources all of its hemp from one farm in Colorado, enabling it to control quality and consistency.

  • How does Koi CBD make its products?

    Koi CBD uses cold-press CO2 extraction to pull cannabidiol, as well as other terpenes and cannabinoids, from the hemp plant. Koi CBD products also use coconut oil as a carrier oil, and often include flavorings from natural sources.

  • What are Koi CBD’s products?

    In addition to its Koi Naturals oil, Koi CBD offers vape oil, gummies, lotions, and a healing balm.

    • Koi Naturals Oil 250mg – $39.99
    • CBD Vape Juice (all flavors) 100mg – $29.99
    • Koi Spectrum Cartridge 250mg – $39.99
    • Koi CBD Tropical Gummies (6 count) – $9.99
    • Koi Lavender CBD Lotion 200mg – $44.99
    • Koi Healing Balm – $59.99

    Those unsure what flavor of oil or vape oil they would prefer can try variety packs, which allow the mixing and matching of flavor options at a reduced price.

  • How does Koi CBD test its products?

    Koi CBD partners with Green Scientific Labs for product testing. Some Koi CBD products, such as its CBD spray for pets and its Koi Naturals, receive fewer tests than others, skipping the heavy metals and mycotoxins tests. All certificates of analysis can be found on the lab results section of its website, so customers know exactly what has and has not been tested for each product.

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