King Kanine Brand Review 2020

King Kanine approaches its mission with a love of pets firmly in mind. Its use of CO2 extraction avoids exposing pets to solvents and other chemicals, demonstrating its commitment to pet health. Customers concerned about their pets' well-being and safety when taking CBD products can review King Kanine's certificates of analysis on its website.

King Kanine’s pet CBD business operates from Hollywood, Florida, and has been distributing CBD for pets since 2015. In addition to its CBD products, it also offers pet grooming supplies such as the KING KOMB.

King Kanine has been recognized by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) for its efforts in pet care. All King Kanine products have been certified organic.

King Kanine uses hemp from American farms, grown in compliance with the 2014 and 2018 Farm Acts.

King Kanine adds the products of its supercritical CO2 extraction process to krill oil, which is derived from a small sea creature. Using an oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids elps animals metabolize the cannabidiol quickly and effectively, enhancing the health benefits of taking CBD. All product creation happens under the supervision of licensed pharmacists, who make sure that all final products are safe for animals.

King Kanine’s products include topical blends, oils, and crunchy pet treats.

  • KING KALM Balm
  • KING KALM CBD 75mg
  • KING KALM Soothe for Pets
  • KING KALM Crunch
  • KING KALM CBD 150mg

Before entering the CBD for pets business, King Kanine operated in the pet grooming sector and continues to offer these products as well. Customers who want to get the tools to take care of their pet can purchase grooming tools, paw cleaner, and dog shampoo in addition to CBD.

Green Scientific Labs tests King Kanine’s CBD products for potency and potential hazards. Customers can look at the certificates of analysis for its KING KALM line online. Despite using a full-spectrum CO2 extraction method, King Kanine does not use a terpene profile test during its product testing. It does include mycotoxins and filth tests.

Cannabinoid Profile
Terpene Profile
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