Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Reviews

300 mg
600 mg
1,000 mg
2,000 mg
4,000 mg

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil is taken orally under the tongue. Hemp Bombs recommends an 0.5ml serving, or between one and two drops, per use.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil uses an oil mixture including grape seed oil, hemp oil, and MCT oil, rather than a single oil.

Besides its carrier oils, Hemp Bombs CBD Oil uses pure cannabidiol. This product does not contain terpenes or other hemp extracts other than those also found in hemp oil.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil does not contain any THC.

While government regulations allow for trace amounts of THC in industrial hemp products, Hemp Bombs’ products contained no THC during its last round of tests.

The CBD in Hemp Bombs CBD Oil comes from supercritical CO2 extraction in which carbon dioxide gas and hemp are brought together at a temperature and pressure that causes CO2 to behave as both a liquid and a gas.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil goes through Desert Valley Testing in Arizona for all product safety assessments.

This third-party laboratory tests for solvents and heavy metals as well as purity of the CBD contained in the product.