Hemp Bombs Brand Review 2020

Hemp Bombs wants to create high-quality cannabidiol products that encourage high-functioning minds and bodies. As part of its commitment to consumers, it makes certificates of analysis for all products available on the Third Party Lab Sheets section of its website. To create the CBD it uses for its products, Hemp Bombs relies on supercritical CO2 extraction.

Hemp Bombs offers a 15% discount for veterans, which is lower than average among brands we have assessed. Hemp Bombs does not offer any discounts for people with low income.

Hemp Bombs Review 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions

Based in Tampa, Florida, Hemp Bombs demonstrates its commitment to affordability through its discount programs. Those 55 years of age or older can receive a 15% discount on all products, as can military veterans and current service personnel. Hemp Bombs believes that CBD products can improve quality of life and overall health for these groups.

Hemp Bombs also wants to help all potential CBD consumers find the product that suits their needs. To this end, it offers a questionnaire that narrows down product choices and provides a 10% discount to those who check the questionnaire.

Hemp Bombs uses American-grown hemp for all of its products.

After performing supercritical CO2 extraction on hemp plants, Hemp Bombs processes CBD into its full range of offerings. Hemp Bombs uses CBD isolate rather than full-spectrum or broad-spectrum extractions, so all products contain only CBD and not any other parts of the hemp plant.

Hemp Bombs sells gummies, capsules, e-liquid, pain rubs, and lollipops.

  • Jolly Bombs Lollipops 2-pack
  • CBD Gummies (5 count)
  • CBD Capsules (15 count)
  • CBD Oil 300mg
  • CBD E-liquid Additive 75mg
  • CBD Pain Rub 1oz

In addition to its industry-typical offerings, Hemp Bombs provides CBD-infused beard oils, personal lubricants, and tattoo ointments. These items demonstrate the diversity and creativity of applications of CBD.

Hemp Bombs uses Desert Valley Testing based in Phoenix, Arizona, for all of its product testing needs. Both the pure CBD extract and batches of all final products receive testing, ensuring that no contaminants sneak in during the manufacturing process.

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