Green Roads Brand Review 2020

Green Roads hopes to show its customers that there's always an alternative, and supports natural products. Using supercritical CO2 extraction, the brand extracts CBD to produce a wide range of products. Green Roads World also publishes its lab test results online.

Green Roads offers a 50% discount for veterans, which is higher than average among brands we have assessed. Green Roads does not offer any discounts for people with low income.

Green Roads Review 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions

Green Roads was founded in 2011 and has its own proprietary formulations. The company started as a small business formulating products for friends and family of its operators and has grown into an award-winning CBD oil manufacturer.

Green Roads’ products start out as Colorado-grown industrial hemp. The company ships the plants to Florida for extraction, formulation, and processing, under the supervision of a licensed compounding pharmacist.

Green Roads’ CBD products start out as CBD isolate, a crystalline solid containing only cannabidiol. The company’s compounding pharmacist then oversees its combination with vegetable glycerin and hemp seed oil, at which point batches go to a lab for safety testing. Once the CBD oil has been confirmed safe and pure, the compounding pharmacist works it into Green Roads’ products.

Green Roads offers more than just oil. In addition to the common oil and capsule forms, Green Roads offers CBD syrups, concentrates, and pain creams. For those who want CBD they can eat or drink, Green Roads offers teas, coffees, and gummies.

People interested in the other beneficial products of hemp plants, such as terpenes, can order terpene-infused oils as well.

  • CBD Oil 100mg
  • CBD Capsules 25mg (30 count)
  • CBD Pain Cream 150mg
  • CBD Froggie 50mg
  • CBD Terpenes Oil 100mg

Green Roads offers single-use Daily Dose items which contain a single day’s dose of CBD each.

Green Roads offers lab sheets and certificates of analysis for all current batches on its website, on the order pages for each product. All products are tested for potentially harmful chemicals as well as purity, and a terpene profile indicates the presence of other beneficial elements of the hemp plant. Green Roads currently uses EVIO Labs in Davie, Florida, for its product testing.

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Terpene Profile
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