Charlotte's Web CBD Oil Reviews

Charlotte's Web CBD Oil - Frequently Asked Questions

The standard CBD oil product has a light hemp flavor and is broad spectrum, meaning its production process retains other cannabinoids during extraction.

The mint chocolate flavor is subtle, leaves little aftertaste, and is very balanced. It does not have a heavy hemp flavor and is not sweet.

The mint chocolate CBD oil product has a light brown/yellow color. (See images above.)

This product comes in four different strengths:

7 mg CBD/mL
17 mg CBD/mL
50 mg CBD/mL
60 mg CBD/mL

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil is taken orally under the tongue.

Charlotte’s Web recommends a 1 mL dose of its oil products per use, which contains between 7 mg and 60 mg of hemp extract depending on strength.

Charlotte’s Web uses olive oil for their standard product and MCT oil for others. Some of their products have additional oils added for more flavor.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil is a broad-spectrum product, including other hemp extract chemicals in the final product like terpenes and other cannabinoids besides CBD.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil may contain THC, but Charlotte’s Web products typically contain no more than 13 parts per million of THC.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil does not cause psychoactive effects.

The hemp extracts in Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil come from a broad-spectrum CO2 extraction process. Most CBD oil manufacturers use CO2 extraction to separate cannabidiol from the rest of the plant.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil and other Charlotte’s Web products go through third-party testing processes that test for both potency and presence of toxic chemicals, microbes, and toxins. Charlotte’s Web currently uses Botanacor Services for its testing needs.