cbdMD CBD Topical Reviews

cbdMD CBD Topical - Frequently Asked Questions

cbdMD’s CBD topical products come in three different strengths:

300 total milligrams (mg) of CBD
750 total milligrams (mg) of CBD
1500 total milligrams (mg) of CBD

cbdMD makes CBD gel with a cooling sensation, lotion, and cream.

cbdMD labels its products as THC-free. According to the brand, "THC-free is defined as below the level of detection using valid scientific analytical tools." This means that there could be THC in the final product, but not enough of it to be confirmed on any test today (like a drug test).

We classify "broad spectrum" CBD products as those which definitively do not contain the compound THC. We would label this product as full spectrum, even though it is marketed as THC-free.

A majority of cbdMD’s topical CBD products have other ingredients to help with pain management.

There are around 24 ingredients on average in cbdMD’s CBD topical products.

cbdMD offers a CBD balm made for dogs with 500 total milligrams (mg) of CBD.