cbdMD Brand Review 2019

Last updated on November 10th, 2019

CBDReviewer’s staff has reviewed two of cbdMD’s products:

  1. cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Review (2019)
  2. cbdMD Recover 750mg CBD Inflammation Cream Review (2019)

Using a broad-spectrum extraction process that retains the health value of terpenes and other hemp products, cbdMD pairs quality with a willingness to innovate. The brand takes pride in its quality and offers a 30-day money back guarantee for people who aren’t fully satisfied with their purchases. Customers can also access the company’s latest test results online.

  • Who is cbdMD?

    Headquartered in Northern Ireland, cbdMD uses a Kentucky-based growth facility, offering the high quality associated with American industrial hemp products.

  • Where does cbdMD get its hemp?

    cbdMD was a part of Kentucky’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program and continues to grow its hemp in the United States. Growing its own hemp allows cbdMD to better control extract quality, which the company considers a priority due to the inclusion of other cannabinoids, vitamins, and amino acids from the hemp plant.

  • How does cbdMD make its products?

    While it uses CO2 to extract CBD oil, cbdMD uses a broad-spectrum extraction process that brings terpenes, vitamins, and other constituents of the plant into the final product along with cannabidiol. This mix of beneficial compounds allows the CBD to act alongside other chemicals it has a synergy with.

  • What are cbdMD’s products?

    cbdMD offers CBD oil tinctures, capsules, gummies, vape oils, topical creams, and bath bombs. If you’re considering their vape oil products, keep note that cbdMD’s vape products have a shelf life of only a few months compared to the two years typical of its other offerings.

    • CBD Oil Tincture Drops 300mg – $29.99
    • CBD Oil Capsules 15mg (30 count) – $35.99
    • CBD Gummies 10mg (30 count) – $29.99
    • CBD Freeze Pain Relief 300mg- $29.99
    • CBD Bath Bomb – $9.99

    cbdMD also recently added a Companion Box, which contains CBD formulations for both humans and their pets.

  • How does cbdMD test its products?

    cbdMD offers certificates of analysis for its most recent batch online. The company provides robust test results through its partnerships with ProVerde Laboratories and SC Labs.

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