cbdMD Brand Review 2020

Using a broad-spectrum extraction process that retains the health value of terpenes and other hemp products, cbdMD pairs quality with a willingness to innovate. The brand takes pride in its quality and offers a 60-day money back guarantee for people who aren't fully satisfied with their purchases. Customers can also access the company's latest test results online.

cbdMD offers a 30% discount for veterans, which is higher than average among brands we have assessed. cbdMD does not offer any discounts for people with low income.

We got in contact with a representative at cbdMD for this brand review to get more specific about the brand, its mission, and its commitments to the consumer. The responses here represent the views of cbdMD and are separate from staff reviews of cbdMD's individual products.

What do you recommend people take cbdMD products for?

Each cbdMD product has a specific purpose. For instance, topicals like CBD Freeze and Recover formulas are specially formulated for sore muscles and joints, while CBD PM tinctures and softgel capsules combine CBD with melatonin in order to promote better sleep. That being said, we invite everyone to try an array of CBD products to discover what works best for them.

Can you explain what got cbdMD interested in hemp and CBD?

cbdMD's President and Co-Founder, Caryn Dunayer, cared for her father during his fight with cancer. During that time, she sought any and all options that might provide comfort and healing during his treatment. Caryn's father ultimately lost his battle, but Caryn carries on her work in the hemp industry as a tribute to his life.

Are cbdMD products available in any brick and mortar retailers in the United States?

cbdMD products are available in over 4,000 stores in the United States and abroad. Of course, we always welcome people to buy cbdMD products from their favorite local stores. You'll find our products in most compound pharmacies, chiropractors, and holistic centers.

A couple of those would be Lakeside Pharmacy and Custom Dosing Pharmacy. We also like to reiterate that if customers have questions that store owners cannot answer, our in-house customer service specialists can help by phone or chat 365 days a year.

What cbdMD products and doses would you recommend for a beginner new to CBD? What about for more experienced users?

Lower CBD concentrations of our gummies and topicals make great starting points for new CBD users. For instance, our 300 mg gummies (10 mg per gummy) make it easy for users to scale up their CBD servings as desired.

Experienced users who have a clearer understanding of their daily needs may opt for higher concentrations of our CBD oil tinctures or capsules. Higher concentrations also allow experienced users to buy their favorite products at a lower price per milligram (mg) of cannabinoids.

Of course, both new and experienced hemp extract users should consult with their physicians when making changes to their supplement routines and always follow directions closely.

There seem to be a lot of athletes who use or endorse cbdMD. What sorts of situations do athletes find cbdMD products most beneficial for?

Athletes typically turn to our products as a tool for recovery. For instance, UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal uses our CBD Recover topical to provide relief for his sore hands - a common post-fight and training problem for mixed martial artists.

Athletes in strenuous training routines rely heavily on sleep for recovery and recuperation. Olympians like Kerri Walsh Jennings and Lolo Jones uses CBD PM as part of their nightly routine in order to ensure they're ready to give their best each and every day.

We noticed cbdMD offers a very high discount for veterans, higher than most we've seen. Why is that?

It's simply the right thing to do for those who have served so honorably in our armed forces. cbdMD's 30% discount for active and retired military personnel serves as a way for us to show our gratitude.

We also offer a 40% discount to all persons who are legally disabled. We never want price to become an obstacle for people in pursuit of a full and active life.

What are some ways that you act on customer feedback?

Customer satisfaction drives nearly every decision we make. Everything from our manufacturing processes and supply chain to the way we label and ship products has been influenced by the needs of customers.

Listening to consumer voices and acting on that feedback paved the way for cbdMD products to win multiple consumer survey awards and superlatives over the past three years. We're proud to be rated #1 in customer satisfaction on the Brightfield Group Report. We've crafted new options to add to our product suite based on suggestions that have come straight from the consumer.

How consistent are the broad spectrum strains across products and batches?

Our innovative Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract formula uses a proprietary blend of CBD, CBN (cannabinol), and CBG (cannabigerol) isolates, alongside other plant extracts. As a result, we achieve consistent compound levels across all tincture, capsule, and topical batches -- all while ensuring our products remain THC-free*.

This method sets us apart from the other brands available at this time since it's impossible to achieve this kind of consistency through broad spectrum and full spectrum hemp extraction methods. We've put in the time, money, and effort to perfect our solution, and we invite anyone to discover the endless potential of superior CBD.

What are some ways that cbdMD practices environmental sustainability across production from seed to bottle?

Sustainability is built into each and every one of our systems. Our hemp extracts are sourced exclusively from cultivators using organic farming methods. We carefully choose partners and supplies based on their manufacturing practices to ensure we are contributing to maximum sustainability during production. We also employ shipping processes to cut down on waste wherever possible.

What made cbdMD decide to offer a money-back guarantee?

We elected to offer a 60-day money-back guarantee because we stand behind our ingredients, formulas, and the quality of our products. Further, consumers deserve that kind of flexibility, especially when it comes to emerging wellness products. This not only presents cbdMD as a trusted brand, but also allows better peace of mind for the consumer knowing that if they're not completely satisfied, we'll gladly refund their purchase.

*THC-free is defined here as undetectable at the lowest level which can be consistently detected using valid scientific analytical tools

cbdMD Review 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with an international office in Northern Ireland, cbdMD uses USA-grown hemp in its products.

cbdMD continues to source its hemp in the United States. Sourcing its hemp from domestic farms allows cbdMD to better control extract quality, which the company considers a priority due to the inclusion of other cannabinoids, vitamins, and amino acids from the hemp plant.

cbdMD uses a unique production process to formulate its CBD products, with the exception of their line of gummies and bath bombs (which use a pure CBD isolate). Their production process was developed to create a superior broad spectrum product that contains benficial compounds - other cannabinoids, terpenes, and vitamins.

cbdMD offers CBD oil tinctures, capsules, gummies, topical creams, and bath bombs.

  • CBD Oil Tincture Drops 300mg
  • CBD Oil Capsules 15mg (30 count)
  • CBD Gummies 10mg (30 count)
  • CBD Freeze Pain Relief
  • CBD Bath Bomb

cbdMD also offers bundled CBD packages for both pets and people.

cbdMD offers certificates of analysis for its most recent batch online. The company provides robust test results through its partnerships with ProVerde Laboratories and SC Labs.

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