Bluebird Botanicals CBD Topical Reviews

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Bluebird Botanicals Hemp CBD Essential Lotion

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Topical - Frequently Asked Questions

No. Bluebird Botanicals offers 3.4oz and 6oz containers of its topical products, but they contain the same amount of CBD per ounce.

Bluebird Botanicals offers three slightly different formulations of a topical cream.

THC could not be detected in Bluebird Botanicals’ topical CBD products.

Bluebird Botanicals’ offerings include a balanced lotion under the name Essentials, a Silk lotion focused on repairing skin, and a Sport lotion for those who use CBD to supplement an active lifestyle. Each has different ingredients.

There are about 12 ingredients on average in Bluebird Botanicals topical CBD products.

No, Bluebird Botanicals’ pet offerings include only oral formulations.