The Best CBD Brands of 2020

Last updated on April 5th, 2020

What does it take to be among the best CBD brands?

CBDReviewer’s team applies a variety of factors to its analysis of what makes brands worth your time. The most important is value -- how much cannabidiol are you getting for the money you spend, and how does that compare more broadly to other products on the market? Whether you are a new CBD user or someone who has tried many products from many brands, we believe that those who offer products of high value tend to also be transparent, trustworthy, and invested in the consumer.

Top Rated CBD Brands

Our team analyzed more than 40 brands and hundreds of different products, from lotions to dog treats to CBD oil, for value and consistency across product types. For a brand to make the basic shortlist for consideration, it needs to perform well across a variety of dimensions that we believe define quality:


    We have no tolerance for spurious claims that cannabidiol products can treat serious illnesses. Brands that make unfounded claims, or that blatantly disregard legal considerations, are eliminated from our analysis.


    Is the brand honest about what its products can do for you, and does it list how much of everything you’re getting when you purchase from them? You should be able to clearly understand how a weaker product compares to a stronger one, and how long it will last you for your individual needs.


    Authoritative brands leave a customer confident about their purchase. We look at how transparent a brand is about how it sources its hemp, the conditions of its production facilities, and what it does along that pipeline to maintain quality for the consumer. Authority for us is a holistic quality of a brand, and in our analysis we approach it through different critical lenses.


    We look at how many and what kinds of products a brand offers. There are no penalties for only having a few products, but we believe that a brand’s experience with different forms is worth consideration in an overall look.


    We favor brands that keep things simple, healthy, and clean in our analysis.


    A lab report called a Certificate of Analysis should always be available and visible for a product before you consume it. This report is created through a third party laboratory who analyzes the product’s contents. Does it have as much CBD in it as the brand is saying? Certificates of Analysis will prove this -- and they’ll also show you if a product was tested for things like pesticides, heavy metals, or mycotoxins, and if it contains any THC (and how much). Not all products need the same kind of analysis, but a certificate should nonetheless be in your face.

    Brands that don’t provide a certificate of analysis are eliminated from our consideration.


    What is it like interacting with the brand, and do its products help people? This can come from an experiential review from one of our reviewers or from feedback among people that use a brand’s products.

    We do not rank brands in the final list if we don’t have primary experience data of some kind to incorporate into our analysis.

Our goal in presenting these brands is to offer a vetted starting point in your search for a CBD product whose brand meets a baseline standard of quality.

Although we have examined many brands, we do not rank any unless we have tried at least one of their products or have collected consistent experience data from people who use its products. This means that our Best Brands list will always reflect our most current understanding of the brand landscape. Our team is actively reviewing new brands and testing products, and when we have the confidence in a brand to rank it, the list will be updated.

Brands that our team has directly experienced will have a CBDReviewer score attached to them. This is a dynamic value between 1 and 5 that digs more deeply into real people’s experiences with a specific product for specific purposes. The higher the CBDReviewer Score, the better a product has performed for the people who use it.

Learn more about the CBDReviewer Score.

What doesn’t our analysis include?

CBDReviewer does not independently test for product purity, which is why a Certificate of Analysis is required to make our shortlist. It’s possible for a CBD product to have less cannabidiol in it than a brand claims. We recommend never to purchase a product from a brand that doesn’t provide a Certificate of Analysis.

If you have questions about our approach or methodology, please contact us.