Challenge Anxiety With a Routine & CBD

Last updated on June 16th, 2020

By CBDReviewer Staff

As cities across the United States begin to reopen for business, it is important to stay focused both on your own mental wellness and on the mental wellness of others around you. Mental clarity is crucial to a sustained recovery in a pandemic because it helps you deal with anxiety, plain and simple. Anxious people tend to focus on things that feed their anxiety – things that often don’t end up mattering very much. Anxiety can make people think they are sick when they’re not, or can cause a person to question if they even feel sick at all when they may very well be.

It is easy to be anxious during a pandemic and amidst ongoing social pressures, but anxiety is something you can address practically because it is tied to focus. Managing this anxiety is critical to sustained social change, too.

Are you worried about a cough? Unless you have a legitimate reason for being concerned about sickness, find an activity to change your focus. By doing so, your brain has to stop thinking about the stuff that makes you anxious and has a chance to calm down inside the thinking space of a new activity. Maybe that’s a puzzle or a coloring book, or a jog around the block, or a single jumping jack. Doing this enough times trains you to respond to anxiety with an interest in pursuing a more relaxing activity. This type of response to anxious situations can make others around you feel less anxious.

For some people, CBD helps manage anxiety in part because it helps with focus. The more engaged you can become with a single activity, like coloring a picture, the more time you spend in that activity — and the less time you spend in a state of anxiousness. If you take CBD or are new to trying it, we recommend trying an activity that requires focus, like reading, coloring, or a puzzle, especially if you intend to try it as a natural and non-addictive therapy for any kind of anxiety.

Find activities that engage more than one sense

To simply will yourself to think about a different topic when you have anxiety is challenging – ask anyone with anxiety. Engaging more than one sense gives your brain and body more reasons to think about the activity at hand, which is fewer reasons to feel anxious. Reviewers on our staff have found it easy to relax with these types of activities while taking CBD (alone or with others):

  • Music – Singing, trying an instrument, or both
  • Dance
  • Puzzles
  • Sports
  • Cleaning or chores
  • Arts and crafts
  • Sewing or knitting
  • Video games
  • Drawing, painting, coloring
  • Walking, jogging, exploring nature

Anxiety Resources

Oftentimes a situation causes anxiety because a person doesn’t have mechanisms or experience for dealing with that situation. The following resources can help you understand stress more broadly so that you can learn to recognize what causes stress before it has a chance to create long term anxiety. You can create your own defense against stress by finding activities that keep you consistently engaged and focused.

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