Best CBD Oil for Pain

Last updated on April 30th, 2020

CBD oil is an effective pain reliever for some people, capable of treating three major types of pain:

  1. Acute
  2. Chronic
  3. Nerve

CBD oil works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to dull pain and reduce inflammation and swelling. People suffering from back pain, arthritis, and headaches can use CBD oils, sprays, or topical creams infused with CBD to help with pain management in a way that is safe and natural for the body.

The Best CBD Oils for Pain

  1. Premium Jane’s CBD tincture is a full spectrum product that does not have a raw hemp taste. It is medium-to-low viscosity with an MCT oil carrier extracted from coconuts. In a recent review of Premium Jane’s Citrus CBD Tincture, one user reported “refreshing citrus notes of lemon and orange zest”.
  2. CBDistillery’s CBD oil is full spectrum and is a light amber color, which is distinct from other similar oils. The taste is floral and pleasant, and the product has a low viscosity. According to a personal review of CBDistillery’s 500 mg oil, this product helped one user manage nausea symptoms of a hangover.
  3. cbdMD’s CBD oil comes in MCT oil extracted from coconut oil, and the coconut flavor is present in the final product. This CBD oil is broad spectrum and retains healthy amino acids, vitamins, cannabinoids, and terpenes like B-caryophyllene and A-bisadolol in addition to CBD. This product does not taste like hemp and is clear with a low viscosity.In a recent personal review of cbdMD’s 300 mg berry flavored CBD oil, one user reported this product helped dull general muscle soreness.
  4. Green Roads CBD Oil is a broad spectrum product that contains no THC. When this CBD oil touches the underside of the tongue it generates a warm bitterness that leaves an aftertaste, which is specific to its formulation. In a personal review of Green Roads CBD oil, one user — who also takes other medications — reported positive changes in mood and some reduction in pain.

CBD Oil Treats Many Types of Common Pain

CBD oil is effective at treating all major types of physical pain. It is important, however, to know exactly what type of pain you are experiencing in order to determine the best treatment method. The chart below can be used as a starting point.

Physical Pain Pain Type Examples Best CBD Treatments
Nociceptive Pain common pain Chemical Chemical burns, cayenne pepper in eyes. CBD Oil
Mechanical Cuts, bruises, breaks, joint damage, aches. CBD Oil + Topical
Thermal Burns, frostbite. CBD Oil + Topical
Neuropathic Pain Nerve Nerve damage, Multiple Sclerosis pain, diabetic neuropathy. CBD Oil

Physical pain is divided into two major categories: nociceptive pain and neuropathic pain.

Nociceptive pain

This is the most common type of pain that is divided into three categories based on the type of neuron that senses pain:

  1. Mechanical
  2. Chemical
  3. Thermal

Mechanical pain is the most common of the three and is caused by a physical force (e.g. cutting and crushing). Arthritis, back pain, bruises, and bone breaks are all examples of mechanical pain. Chemical pain occurs when we’re exposed to a harmful chemical. Eating a hot pepper or spicy food is one example of chemical pain. Thermal pain happens when excessive heat or cold causes tissue damage (e.g. burns).

Neuropathic Pain

Also known by nerve pain, neuropathic pain is caused by damage to the body’s nervous system. Examples of neuropathic pain are pain brought on by multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

CBD Dosages for Pain

If you are new to CBD oil it’s best to start with a small dosage and then gradually increase the amount you take until you reach a desired effect. The chart below can help you easily identify a good starting CBD oil dosage depending on the type of pain you have and the type of CBD products available to you.

Category Product Pain Relief Onset Duration Dosage
Oral CBD Oil Drops / Tinctures General (chronic and acute) Immediate 4 – 6 hours 10 mg to start. Increase in 5 – 10 mg increments as needed.
Capsules 30 – 90 minutes
Topical Salves, creams, rubs, etc. Local (arthritis, back pain, aches, etc.) 10 – 15 minutes 5+ hours Per manufacturer instructions. Reapply every 4 – 6 hours.
Smokeable Vape Oil General (chronic and acute) Immediate 1 – 3 hours 10 mg to start (3 – 5 puffs*) Increase as necessary.

* 3 – 5 puffs of vape oil with a concentration of 300mg CBD / 30 mL.

Why use CBD oil for Pain?

In 2018 the CDC released a report which showed that more than 50 million Americans — more than 15% — suffer from chronic pain. Since there’s no immediate cure for chronic pain, it must be managed. The most common treatments – narcotics (opioids), nerve blockers, steroids, and over-the-counter NSAIDs (ibuprofen, naproxen) – can have undesirable side-effects and pose serious long-term risks.

What are the benefits of CBD oil vs. traditional painkillers?

CBD has several major benefits over traditional painkillers:

  1. Natural
  2. Non-additive
  3. Non-toxic (cannot overdose)
  4. Minimal side-effects
  5. More affordable than prescription painkillers

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